ASO COURSE - App Store Optimization (Part 2): Keyword Research | Basic and Intermediate Levels

Positioning an app in a store is a process that requires precision, attention and, above all, strategy.

A good ASO positioning strategy is the key to obtaining greater visibility in both the App Store and Google Play.

In the FIRST LESSON our ASO courseWe have already given you some tips to consider and we will tell you the steps to follow to optimise a file in both of them.

However, this is not all. There is more.

There are different actions that are part of this strategy and that must be carried out thoroughly in order to achieve results.

Now, in this second part of the ASO course, we will deal with two of them: keyword research and backlinks.

We want to share with you all the tips that we developed as ASO agency: you will learn on the one hand how to do keyword research for ASOIn other words, how to determine the keywords to be included in an application's data sheet. And, on the other hand, how to create a link strategy for your app, or linkbuilding.

If you prefer, you can enjoy this content in the following videos.

How to do a good keyword research for your App

Before we start, how about defining what keyword research is? Let's get to it!

Literally it could be translated as keyword research. And, in practice, it is based on identifying and selecting those words or search terms that are most relevant to a given audience.

With this, what we achieve is to know what keywords our ideal client is looking for in order to include them in an App's file and thus appear in the first positions of related queries.

That way we get traffic and, in turn, free downloads.

Sounds good, doesn't it? Let's get on with it!

To carry out a good keyword research, which will help you to position your App against your competition, you must follow the following steps:

  1. Research and make a list of keywords. Ideally, brainstorm ideas and possible combinations of terms related to your application.
  2. Analyse and prioritise the detected keywords. You should rank them according to relevance, competition and search volume.

If you are already working on SEO on your website, you can include the keywords of your strategy in the first step and validate if they are useful for the stores in the second step.

Furthermore, we recommend that you delve deeper into the concept of the ASO vs SEO. If you are going to develop both, you will avoid running duplicate tasks.

ASO tools for keyword research

After reading the previous paragraph, you may be wondering how to do keyword research for ASO.

The first thing to do, as we have already mentioned, is to brainstorm in order to identify possible keywords that are interesting.

Nobody knows your app better than you. So you are sure to be able to detect important related keywords.

But if it is difficult, follow these recommendations:

  • Think about what your user would type in the search engine of the stores to get to your App. In this regard, you should focus on the need you are trying to solve.
  • Consider what, when and why a user searches for your App. And create your list of related keywords.
  • Analyse the keywords of Apps similar to yours and that are your competitors. Check your titles, subtitles, descriptions and other elements of the ASO tab.

After completing these steps, it is time to turn to specialised tools for more information.

For example, at Actualízatec we use Apptweak, Mobile Action or App Radar which, although they are paid tools, you can try them for a few days for free.

Other similar tools that you can also use to do keyword research and analyse your competition are:

This is the one we always recommend to our students to start benchmarking, even before they have created the App.

In its free version it allows us to view full historical Top Charts Rankings and perform analysis of other Apps in our category.

App Annie associa updatec

This tool is one of the most widely used to work on the SEO of a website. However, it has specific functionalities for keyword search in the Play Store.

As you can see in the image, all you have to do is select the "Play Store" tab, choose the "Apps" option and the country in which you want to position yourself. In this way you will be able to carry out keyword research for this search engine.

App Keyword Tool ASO updatec

If you know who your competition is, this tool will be very useful. Why? You can visit allows you to know if they are well positioned or not, through a score, and what keywords they are using to achieve it.

So, for example, if one of your competitors is Adidas, you can search for it in this tool and find out what keywords it is ranking for, as well as the number of downloads and revenue it has.

Sensor Tower App marketing actualízatec

Sensor Tower aso updatec

Main differences in keyword research between Google Play and the App Store

Once you have identified the keywords for which you want to position your App, it is time to include them in your App Store and Google Play tabs.

In this sense, the iOS and Android stores have some important differences Do we see them?

  • App Title

The first difference we find is that in the App Store it appears as "Name of the application" and in Google Play as "Title". But it is not the most notable.

Until recently, in App Store we had 30 characters and on Google Play we had 50 characters.But with the new update made by Google, from June 2021 we also have only 30 characters.

Until now this difference in characters was noticeable in how Apps used the number of characters to include their main keyword. Let's look at an example.

The Noodle App is a recipe app. And on iOS the title is: "Noodle: Easy Healthy Recipes".

They have included their main keyword, which is recipes, and have given us a little more information, namely that they are healthy and easy to prepare.

Nooddle App strategy ASO

However, on Android, with 20 characters more, we can include even more information. And thus, appeal to curiosity to encourage the number of downloads.

In this case, the title is: "Nooddle: Eat healthy, with what you have on hand".

Despite being longer, the headline could be improved. It does not include the main keyword, although it does include a more eye-catching claim.

In this field, the ideal is to find a balance between ASO and attention-getting techniques, just as we do with the push notifications..

Nooddle ASO Actualízatec

  • Subtitle

This field is unique to the iOS App Store. It is limited to 30 characters and is perfect for expanding on the information in the title and generating user interest.

After the title, it is the second most important field to position your App. And, although in the example, it does not include the keyword, it should be added to rank better.

Nooddle App Strategy Actualízatec

  • Short description

In this case, the short description, can only be found on Google Play. And, with a maximum length of 80 characters, it positively influences the positioning of your App.

Use it to make it clear to the user how useful your application is and what value it brings. Similarly, don't forget to include your main keyword.

Nooddle App Android ASO

  • Description

This field is in both stores with the same length: 4,000 characters. Here the ideal is to include your keywords a minimum of 5 times. This way they will be considered by the indexing engines correctly.

It should be noted, however, that indexing is only carried out on Google Play, although there are some tricks to achieve this on the App Store as well.

In any case, the ideal and most optimal keyword density is between 2% and 3%. And it is even advisable to add emojis to make it more attractive, as in these examples of Soundcloud, Music Player or YouCam Makeup.

Soundcloud ASO Actualízatec

Music Player ASO Actualízatec

Makeup App Strategy Actualízatec

  • Keywords

Once again we are faced with a field exclusive to the App Store. But, in this case, it is not visible to users, we will only see it internally.

It has a limitation of 100 characters which, a priori, may be too restrictive to include all keywords.

In this sense, you can resort to some tricks that allow you to save space. For example, use commas to separate words, avoid longtail and do not include plurals.

Have you got it? Let's continue optimising your App's ASO. It's time to discover how to do link building for Apps.

Backlinks: what they are and why they are important for your App Store Optimization

Another essential action to take when optimising the ASO of an App's page is to work on backlinks. But what exactly are backlinks?

A backlink is, quite simply, a link placed on a third-party website pointing to our App.

The more links of this type you get, the more relevant your application will be considered and, therefore, the better positioning it will have. Hence the importance of working on ASO Backlinks.

Building a good linkbuilding strategy is essential to obtain more downloads. Of course, as long as the App's page is correctly optimised.

That said, there are two types of ASO backlinks that you should be aware of:

  • Dofollow backlinks. They are those that search engines do track and, therefore, help you to position your App. In other words, the website that contains them is transferring authority to your page on Google Play or App Store.
  • Nofollow backlinks. On the other hand, they do not track or transfer authority (they have less influence on positioning). However, they can bring traffic to your App.

Link building strategies: how to get backlinks for your app

As you can imagine, getting other websites to place links that derive traffic to your App is not easy. And even more so, knowing where it is best to add them to favour your positioning.

Let's explain!

To create your first backlinks, it is best to use your own website. You don't have to come to an agreement with anyone, only with yourself.

And it's as simple as having a page where you talk about the benefits of your App and redirect traffic to the stores.

On the other hand, You can also use your social networks. Include a link in all the ones you have and create content highlighting the qualities and value of your App.

But there is more.

Once you've exhausted your own resources, it's time to look for other sites where you can do effective linkbuilding.

What you should be looking for here are quality backlinks. Otherwise, all the effort you put in will not translate into results. Do you want to know how to achieve this?

First, what is a quality backlink? It is a link that comes from a website with good domain authority.

To identify these websites, we recommend that you make a list of sites specialised in your topic and then rank them according to their domain rating.

Let us pause again.

What is a domain rating? It is a metric that provides information about the authority of a website. The higher it is, the more authority it will have and the more it will favour your positioning.

There are tools, such as Ahrefs that allow you to check the authority of a domain. More specifically, it includes a section called Website Authority Checker, where you can enter the URL of the website and obtain this value.

For example, in the image you can see the domain rating of La Vanguardia, a media in which we get appearances for our clients organically (without paying).

The maximum value is 100 and here we see that we get a value of 88.

Auth check La Vanguardia

Types of ASO backlinks to include in your App strategy

When you go deeper into your Apps backlinks strategy, you will realise that you will be able to publish on some sites without any problem. However, there will be others that you will find very interesting in terms of ASO, but that will be very difficult to achieve.

At this point you should know that there are two types of backlinks: free and paid.

  • Free backlinks

You can get them through a press release or a guest posting strategyby writing a guest post on a blog specialising in your subject area.

Either way, you must provide value in your content and talk about your App in order to add the links.

In this image you can see an example in which we managed to get one of our clients, Join Talk, to appear in La Razón. A very relevant media that generated very powerful backlinks.

Join Talk La Razon Actualizatec

  • Paid backlinks

In case you don't get free backlinks, you can resort to the paid option.

There are sites that allow you to place your links through a cash register. It is a faster way, although of lower quality than the previous one.

The most advisable, and what we at Actualízatec recommend you to try, is to get backlinks for free. And it is not necessary to do it in press media like the previous ones. You can place them, for example, in forums.

This concludes the second part of our ASO course.

What we have explained so far will help you to make progress in the search for keywords for your App, as well as in the construction of your linkbuilding strategy.

Continues with the course in the next chapterYou will learn how to highlight your App on Google Play and App Store.

If you need help, or prefer delegate to professionals with experience to achieve better results, in Actualízatec we will be happy to be your an ASO agency, contact us!

We will address your case and we will get started to place your App in the top positions of Google Play and App Store.

However, if you want to learn all about Mobile & App Marketing, don't miss our online program, where we train you as an App Expert so that you yourself can improve the results of your app.

Any questions? We'll read you in the comments.

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