Highlight your APP in the Stores | ASO Course - Basic and Intermediate Level | Part 3

According to the latest reports from Statista, there are a total of 3.14 million published Apps on Google Play, while the App Store is home to 2.09 million.

Both figures are staggering. Even more so if we talk in terms of competition.

This means that, if you have an App published in one of these stores, or you are going to publish one, you are submerged in an ocean where, if you don't work on your App Store Optimisation (ASO), it is easy to go unnoticed.

Throughout our ASO course we have explained how to gain visibility in order to appear at the top of search results.

On the one hand, in the first lesson of the ASO courseWe will tell you how to optimise your App's page. On the other hand, in the second lesson of the ASO courseWe looked at how to do good keyword research and how to get backlinks.

In both cases the aim is to get more downloads. This is something you can boost if you manage to appear on the featured on App Store and Google Play.

Standing out in the Stores means a significant increase in visibility and, therefore, a better positioning in both cases.

Can you imagine getting your App to appear in the "Today" or "Today" tabs of the App Store, or in Google Play's featured app lists?

At Actualízatec we know how and we tell you how. Remember that if you prefer to outsource the ASO of your App, we will be delighted to be your an ASO agency!

Click on the video below and we'll tell you how we do it:

How to be featured on Google Play and App Store

In order to gain more visibility in the Stores, this type of action is essential.

If you overlook them, users will only be able to find you through the search engine by entering keywords related to your App.

On the other hand, being featured on Google Play and the App Store helps you attract thousands of users, enjoy a better organic positioning and, therefore, add more downloads.

But let's look at these prominent positions. Where are they located? How do you get to them?

In the case of the App Store highlight, you must go to the "Today" tab. It looks a lot like an app magazine.

Apple divides the featured Apps into different sections. For example, app of the day, favourites, game of the day or top of the week.

And, as in any other magazine, design plays a very important role.

In other words, for an App to appear in the Apple Store featured section, it must include a perfect, attractive design and great storytelling.

Only Apps that meet high quality criteria, including a high level of UX and user retention, are able to occupy this category.

If we talk about Google Play, something similar happens.

Within this Store, there are also some outstanding positions. We are talking about the tabs "For you", "Top Popular" or "Editors' Choice".

As a curiosity, it is even possible to rank by subcategories here.

That said, what steps do you need to take to be featured in Google Play and App Store?

Before we go on to explain it, you should know that it is the Stores themselves that select the applications that we see as featured.

They do so on the basis of 5 factors. These are described below.

How to appear in featured on app store and google play

5 Factors for your App to gain visibility

The truth is that both the Apple App Store and Google Play are quite demanding when it comes to deciding which applications will be featured.

Although in many respects they differ considerably, in this case they coincide in the selection criteria.

Below, we analyse them one by one and give you some tips on how to get your App to the top of the App Store and Google Play.

Factor 1: User interface and user experience

Both Android and iOS score positively that the App has a good design and a good user experience. In other words, it must be intuitive and easy to use.

In the case of the first operating system, there is a guide that includes all the criteria of functional quality and interaction that Google takes into account to select the outstanding Apps. You can consult them here: Guidelines apps Google Play.

However, some of the most notable requirements to be met in both are:

  • Application performance. This must be from 100%. If there are bugs or usability issues, neither Apple nor Google will select it as featured.
  • App rating. A rating below 4 means that the App lacks quality and has a low UI/UX.

Factor 2: Locations

If your App is available in several countries, add the locations. This is a factor that both Stores value, as they have a global audience.

However, you will need to do this in an optimised way, which means adapting all keywords and descriptions to the relevant language.

This way, you will improve your ASO for each location. This is key for positioning.

Factor 3: Product fiche

To be featured in the App Store and Google Play, it is essential to have your product page or product page optimised.

We saw this in Part 2 of the ASO Course and is closely related to the previous point.

Whenever you are going to add a new localisation, it is important that you make a correct translation and adaptation of the language of each country and, at the same time, optimise the ASO.

In other words, you will have to carry out keyword research for each country, change expressions and words.

Bear in mind that UK English is not the same as US English. Likewise, Spanish in Spain is not the same as Spanish in Argentina.

In each country different expressions are used and different words are used in searches.

Go beyond literal translation and you will be closer to standing out in the Stores.

However, you should not only consider the texts of your listing, but also images and any other metadata factor that influences the ASO.

Featured on App Store and Google Play

Factor 4: Regular updates

The fourth factor to take into account in order to stand out in the Stores is to regularly update applications.

For Apple and Google, upgrading means that you care about the quality of your App and you care about offering its best version to your users.

With each update you can fix bugs or add new features. Either way, as long as you improve usability and keep up to date with the advances made by the Stores, you will gain visibility.

Factor 5: Backlinks

We talked about this in the ASO course Part 2. And we mention it again because, from the point of view of the highlights in the App Store and Google Play, it is also important.

Generating quality backlinks will allow you to increase traffic to your well as building bonds of trust.

To do this, you should make sure that the sites or influencers promoting your App match your App's niche and address your target audience.

Differences between Google Play and App Store

Although we have mentioned that both operating systems coincide in the criteria for rating outstanding Apps, it is also true that there are small differences that are worth noting.

We are talking about factors that are relevant for iOS, while perhaps not so much for Android, and vice versa. Let's see what they are:

  • Accessibility of your App

Improving accessibility for people with disabilities is one of the main objectives of the App Store.

It therefore offers a number of customisations to enhance the experience for these people.

For example, reducing transparency or increasing the size of the text for those with visual difficulties.

In this regard, Apple has a guide that lists all the specifications to consider. You can view it here: App Store Accessibility Guidelines.

If you include them, you will score points to be highlighted in the App Store.

  • Have a good story

Another special feature available on the App Store is the form to fill in to apply to be featured.

In it you will have to convince the team behind why your App should be there.

Among other fields, the form to stand out in the App StoreThis includes the need to present a compelling story, materials, presentations and any other written or visual resources that can impress them.

The more creative you are, the more likely you are to be approved and stand out.

App Store Form

On the other hand, in the Help Center of Google Play, you will find a form that facilitates the request of highlights for your application. This form requires detailed information about your app. For each of the three highlight categories ("App", "Game" or "Family"), the necessary requirements are detailed. This allows users requesting the highlight to confirm that the app meets all the criteria set for being highlighted.

Highlight your APP in the Stores

Highlight your app

highlight your app

Highlight your app

position your app

position my app

  • Seasonality

And finally, in the case of Google Play, there is one element that is particularly important. This is seasonality.

That is to say, if your App adapts to any type of seasonality, you should take advantage of it. So, for example, at Christmas, it will score more favourably those Apps that are related to these dates.

As you can see, there are quite a few requirements to be met in order to appear in the highlights in the App Store and Google Play.

In fact, if it were not, it would not have the value it really has.

In any case, getting there is a unique opportunity to increase your visibility and number of downloads. It is worth the work.

If you want to learn more about ASO, continue with the next chapter! 

If you prefer us to help you get it, contact us. In our an ASO agency We have a team specialised in App Marketing that deals with these types of challenges on a daily basis.

And if you want to learn all about Mobile & App Marketing, don't miss our online program, where we train you as an App Expert so that you yourself can improve the results of your app.

If you have any questions about the content, we'll read you in the comments section!

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