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App development

Do you have an idea in mind to create an App but you don't know where to start?
Don't know what kind of App you need to develop?

Mobile App Development

Can't find a reliable development partner that you know 100% won't let you down?

And that also offers good value for money?

At Actualízatec we have more than 12 years of experience in Apps and we have helped our clients to position and create their applications from scratch obtaining the best results.

Our development team is responsible for the programming of all types of apps, from native to hybrid, and we belong to the official Apple developer programs, the Apple Developer Program, and Google Android Developers.


Types of apps we develop

Native Apps

Native apps are mobile applications created exclusively for each operating system (iOS and Android). They offer better usability, better user experience, and better performance. 

  • On Android, native apps are developed in Java or Kotlin programming language and are adapted to any type of Android smartphone and tablet.
  • For iOs, native applications are developed in Swift or Objective C programming language and are adapted to Apple iPhone and iPad devices.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid mobile apps consist of a web code base technology, on top of which native code is added. This allows them to be used on both operating systems (iOS and Android) without the need to make a complete specific development for each system. 

The advantages of developing hybrid applications are that they offer good results with a lower investment than native applications. They can be created in development environments such as Ionic or React Native and use programming languages such as HTML5 or CSS. 

Your app development team 

At Actualízatec we work on the development of custom applications for companies seeking excellence in user experience (UX), design (UI) and return on investment.

If you do not find a trusted development partner to accompany you throughout the process
request a session with our team of experts and we will help you:

  • Manage the strategic part and the initial product development.
  • Design the best user experience, design, and usability of your App (UI/UX) to offer real value to your users and encourage their retention.
  • Plan and follow up on each of the development phases to guide you in the progress of your App. 
  • Transmit your needs to the technical team through our Mobile Project Manager who will be in charge of managing all communication and meeting deadlines.

Our experience of more than 12 years in the Mobile Marketing sector has made us specialists in the creation and growth of Apps for large and medium-sized companies. 

At Actualízatec we accompany our clients throughout the whole process of ideation, validation, design, creation, and production of their Apps and App Marketing.


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