ASO COURSE - ASO Efficiency Hacks I Basic and Intermediate Level I Part 5

After hundreds of hours working on Mobile App Marketing and testing ASO tricksWe have realised the importance of some aspects over others.

Throughout the ASO course We have talked about different techniques that help us to get more free downloads for an App. But we have also seen that App Store Optimisation brings results in the medium and long term.

To know the list of all the aspects to be worked on in order to improve an App's rankings on Google play and App Store is all very well. But having these aspects ordered by priority and effectiveness makes all the difference.

And here is the key.

That is why, in this fifth part of the course, we would like to focus on key aspects which, in our experience as an ASO agency and the hundreds of hours we have spent on App Marketing projects, it is advisable to prioritise to drive downloads.

If, thanks to this article, you manage to save yourself all those hours that we have had to invest in sorting the wheat from the chaff, it will have been worth it!

In the following video you will find a summary of the 5 ASO efficiency hacks on which we recommend to place the most emphasis in order to position an App as quickly as possible.

Press play! Or, if you prefer, read on.

But before we continue, if you missed the previous lessons, you can watch them here:

ASO efficiency hacks

The best ASO Hacks for positioning your App

Have you ever heard of growth hacking?

It is a This methodology is very useful when the aim is to grow fast without investing large resources.

For this purpose, so-called hacks or tricks are used, which are nothing more than shortcuts that boost the results.

In this case, we are talking about ASO efficiency hacks. That is to say, from tricks to get more downloads in less time. All of them valid for both App Store and Google Play.

As you have seen throughout the ASO course, there are many factors to take into account when positioning an App. And, although we always recommend working on all of them and doing so in a strategic context, some have more weight than others.

Here we are going to discuss the ones you should prioritise in case you want to increase your downloads but you don't have hundreds of hours to dedicate to the ASO of your app and you don't want to hire experts like us to help you.

Let's talk about growth hacking for apps.

First: work on the ASO before publishing your App

As we saw in the part 1 of the ASO courseIt is necessary to start working on the App Store Optimisation or positioning of an App before it is published.

This is not the case in most projects. Normally, the application is first published in the stores and, once it is published, it starts to be optimised in terms of ASO positioning.

This results in a loss of initial opportunities.

The main reason is that there are certain parameters, such as the package name in Google Play, and the name of the developer that either cannot be changed or are very difficult to change once the App is published. And they have a major impact on ASO.

  • Package name

The package name is a fragment of the App's URL and you must configure it before publishing it on Google Play, since Once published, you cannot change it. Ideally, the main keyword should be included.

For example, Candy Crush is a well-known game and has a strong brand name, with its name being a keyword in itself.

In this case, they have made sure to include it in the package name, which favours its positioning:

Candy Crush Google Play ASO Actualízatec

The same applies if you want to rank your App for the keyword of another application.

In the following image, you can see an App that does not belong to the company Supercell, creators of Clash of Clans, but they have created a guide for this game.

That is precisely why they want to rank for that keyword, because that is where their audience is.

package name

package name COC

As you can see, it is very important to first locate your main keywords and then develop your positioning strategy based on that. That is why it is advisable to start working on ASO before publishing the App, or at least detecting the most relevant keywords.

You can check out how to do good keyword research in the chapter 2 of the ASO course.

  • Developer's name

There is another factor that, although we can change a posteriori in Android, we do not usually do it: the name of the developer.

In the case of Android it is easy to change it, but in the case of iOS you will have to request it from Apple and wait for a response. You may or may not get lucky. That's why it's best to think strategically about it in terms of ASO before publishing the app.

Keep in mind that it is a very relevant factor because it has a lot of visibility, it is the first word that appears under the name of the App, and it also helps positioning.

We recommend that, if your App is well known, the name of the developer should be your own brand. Otherwise, if you are just starting out, it is better to use this space to add the most relevant keyword. These are the two scenarios in which you can find yourself:

  • If your brand is well known and adding it adds reliability points and brings trust, there is nothing more to say, the developer should be the brand itself. This is what happens to well-known brands, such as BBVA:

  • If your brand is not well known and neither is the name of the developer, it is better to take advantage of the space to include the most relevant keyword of your Mobile App Marketing strategy.

Google Play and the App Store are positive that the developer has been publishing apps for years, because it gives you more authority. But if this is not the case for you, don't miss the opportunity to use your keyword there.

In this example of AppTaminIf you are a developer, you can see how the developer's name has been used to enter the keyword: Draw apps for free'.

Second: place your most important keyword in the title of your App.

Another ASO trick that can help you get more downloads in less time is to put your main keyword in the title. It's a great opportunity that you can't miss.

Such is the importance of this hack in positioning that, given our experience, we can tell you that If you could only change one ASO aspect of your token, this would be it. 

Here you can see how Vueling takes advantage of the title to include the keyword "vuelos baratos":

Vueling ASO Actualízatec

However, Ryanair (its main competitor) has not taken advantage of the title and has not put any keyword in the App Store:

Ryanair ASO Actualízatec

What does this translate into?

If we search the App Store for the keyword "cheap flights" in the search engine, Vueling appears in first position organically, while Ryanair does not appear until the fifth position.

This is one of the factors that most influences positioning, although it is obviously not the only one.

If you don't know how to choose the main keyword of your appThere are mobile ASO platforms such as Mobile Action, The Tool or AppTweak that allow you to analyse keywords and organise them by difficulty and traffic.

You can even see those of your competitors. Don't forget that when it comes to ASO positioning everything is relative: you need to do better than your competitors to appear at the top.

Keyword analysis is not a game. A large part of the success of your ASO and Mobile App Marketing strategy depends on it.

But if you take the time to carefully analyse all the information these tools give you, I'm sure it will be easy to identify your keywords. You already know that the chapter 2 you have all the details to make a strategic keyword research.

Third: App ratings are a diamond in the rough.

The app's rating in the stores is one of the most important factors in ASO.

Indeed, the valuation of your App, both in Google Play and in the App Store, has a very positive impact on the positioning and, therefore, on the opportunity to get downloads free of charge. Mainly because it influences the conversion rate to installation: if the rating is good (4 or more), it will help other users to download your app when they see the file.

But also, the stores rate apps positively with good ratings and make them rise in the rankings.

Although it is something that we cannot directly manipulate, it is something that we can we can devise a strategy to help us get more ratings and comments.

Improving the app, adding new functionalities and keeping it up to date can help us to get a better app rating from users.

In addition, you can come up with strategies to make happy users value it. You can offer a discount, bonus, offer or free material in exchange. However, it must be in exchange for them taking a few seconds to rate you and leave a review. Google and Apple value this much more than just leaving a rating.

That is why it is critical to respond quickly to app reviews, whether they are good or bad. In the case of negative reviews, responding well and quickly builds trust and gives you the chance for those same users to raise the rating.

We say it is one of the priority ASO efficiency hacks because, among other things, it influences the install rate.

Very few people would download and install on their device an App with a 2 score and many negative reviews. Especially if it has better rated alternatives.

In addition, the stores rank higher those Apps that have a good score.

Fourth, combine ASO with user acquisition campaigns. 

First of all, if you don't know the difference between organic and paid canvassing, in the first part of the ASO course we explain the main differences.

As you will remember, two types of Apps always appear in the search results: those that are positioned for the keyword you have entered and those that have an active advertising campaign.

Combining both strategies benefits both.

The paid ads you run to drive downloads will have a direct impact on your ASO results, as they will favour the number of installations and the speed at which they are produced.. This is something that stores value in positioning.

The volume of installations achieved in a short period of time will allow you to move up in the rankings of the stores and increase your positioning and, therefore, the greater the possibility of improve the CPI of your App and enjoy a better cost of acquisition.

Did you know this growth hacking apps trick?

Fifth: improve your retention rates

Uninstalls are the great enemy of Mobile App Marketing: not only do they impact on your revenuebut also damage your ASO.

If your users uninstall your app, you lose positions in the stores. That is why it is vital that you increase your rate of loyal users, in other words, your percentage of active users.

And that's true for both your business como for your ASO.

The most important thing is to identify the reasons for uninstallation. Here is some more info for you to know What are the main reasons why users uninstall your app?.

Analyses data and user behaviour information to identify what factors are causing uninstallations.

Both Android and iOS know how many people download your App, how many use it and how many end up uninstalling it.

It is very important that you come up with strategies to help you retain your users. For example, you can try implementing the Push notifications.

Push notifications are one of the best loyalty tools and can also help you increase your active user rate.

In this post I explain how to use the push notifications to seduce your users and prevent them from leaving the app before 30 days.

See how Glovo builds user loyalty through personalised push notifications.

Push Notifications - App User Retention

In this other example you can see how Ubeo uses push jokes with a bit more mischief. It all depends on the type of audience you have, but if your audience receives jokes well, humour is one of the best ways to connect and create a close bond with them.

Push Notifications - user retention

Remember that, if there is not a considerable volume of use, or if uninstallations increase, you will start to drop down the ranking of the stores.

EXTRA TIP: use the location of your App to boost your keywords 

How about adding an extra trick to this list of ASO efficiency hacks?

This extra ASO trick is for App Store: it is based on multiply your keywords in the keyword field using the location of the App.

In the third part of the course we talk about how you can optimise the localisation on your product page depending on the country in which your App is available.

In this sense you had up to 100 characters to put your keywords, but what if you could multiply them?

There are countries that share a language, so if you are already positioning for keywords in that language you can take advantage of the second localisation to add the keywords that you have not included in the first one.

This gives you the opportunity to have more characters available to fill in the keywords field of an App listing. This means an improvement in ASO.

Sounds good, doesn't it? Well now all you have to do is start applying these ASO efficiency hacks.

However, if you want to learn all about Mobile & App Marketing, don't miss our online program, where we train you as an App Expert so that you yourself can improve the results of your app.

In this training you will learn how to handle ASO like a PRO.

If on the other hand, what you want is to get more free downloads, but you don't have time to apply these Growth Hacking strategies for Apps and you need expert help, contact us and the experts of our an ASO agency will take your App to the next level.

We will talk about your project and we will discuss how we can help you achieve your goals.

What did you think of these ASO tips? We'd love to hear from you - we're on the other side!

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