How much does it cost to create an App for your business?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by my clients and students. Most of them are concerned about how much an App costs.

This is a piece of information that they need to know in detail in order to incorporate it into the Business Plan.

But the truth is that there is no 100% concrete answer.

The price of an application will be marked by different variables.

And before giving an approximate answer it is necessary to know them.

In today's post I will show you what these aspects are and we will also talk about the estimated prices that are on the market depending on the type of App you want to create.

But be careful, because the development of the App is not the only thing you need to consider when preparing the budget for a mobile App.

You will have to take into account other areas that will make your App work. We will see them at the end of this content.

Shall we start?

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How much does an App cost: factors that influence the price

If you are going to create an App for your business, I imagine you will want to know what the budget you will need to take the step depends on.

This is going to be the first question we are going to discuss today.

And for you it will mean understanding where your project is heading.

Since it will largely condition the type of App you can create and how many features or details you can add. Let's look at them one by one.

The price per hour of the professional who is going to develop it

Currently, the market of professionals dedicated to developing native Apps is scarce.

This is the main reason why a project of this size usually involves a high cost service.

It can be reduced in part if, instead of creating a native App, you choose to create a hybrid App. And more drastically if you opt for a PWA.

This decision, together with the functionalities you want to add to the App, will have a significant influence on the answer to the question "how much does an App cost".

The type of company that develops your App

This is going to happen with any service you hire.

Each company or professional will have different rates and to choose the one that offers you the best value for money, my recommendation is that you ask for at least 3 quotes.

That way you can compare and choose the most convenient option.

The most convenient does not necessarily have to be the cheapest, but the one that gives you the best service at a reasonable price for you.

There is no point in choosing the cheapest quote if you are not going to get the results you want.

The country where the programmer resides

We all know that labour costs are not the same in all countries.

They are linked to the economic level of each country.

For example, a person living in the United States does not charge the same as someone living in India.

The quality of the work may be the same, but because of their politics, culture and lifestyle, the prices vary a lot.

It is not about devaluing the work. Each professional sets their own prices and as this is just another option in the market you can evaluate it.

Ideally, if you move the development to another country, it should be to a provider that you know or has been recommended to you by someone you trust. Otherwise, I would not recommend it because of the high risk involved.

How much a mobile App costs: price pyramid

In this section, I will give you concrete figures.

Even so, bear in mind what I have just told you, the price varies according to certain aspects.

But to give you an approximate idea of how much it costs to create an App, I will show you my price pyramid.

In it you will see that the amounts are subject to the design and development of each type of App, but also to the functionalities, systems to which it connects (backend) and UI/UX level.

In this way, the pyramid has several steps:

PWA or Progressive Web Apps

These are websites, although at the UI/UX level they are similar to an app. They work through a browser.

In this case, if you do it yourself or someone from your team, the price can be around €350.

And if you commission an external professional or company to do it, the cost can start at €2,500.

Logically, the service that a team specialised in the creation of a PWA can offer you is not the same as the one you or another person you trust but without knowledge of the subject.

Hence the price difference.

Hybrid Apps

In this case we are talking about applications that mainly use the programming language of the web, together with a part of native code specific to each operating system (Android, iOS).

How much does a mobile App of this type cost? You can find prices ranging from €4,000.

Here it would be more complicated to create it without knowledge or from an App builder.

Native Apps

We come to the most complex, complete and therefore the most expensive.

Native Apps are those that are developed from the specific programming language for each operating system. For

Android: Java, Kotlin and for iOS: Swift, Objective-C.

In other words, if you want to create an App that works on both Android and iOS, you will have to create two applications, one for each operating system.

And this increases the budget.

In fact, the approximate minimum that this development for Android and iPhone can cost you is 15.000€.

How to calculate the budget for creating an App

Another of the issues that generate the most doubts among companies and entrepreneurs when they tackle a project of this type is how much it costs to create an App and get it up and running.

In other words, in addition to the development, what are they going to need for this application to really generate results.

Because even if it has the best functionalities on the market, if there are no users who download it, it will be useless.

So, let's see what is needed for the project to be profitable and calculate the final price.

App strategy

As I said before, creating an App is not the same as launching an App on the market.

If you don't have a clear strategy, it can be a failure.

The developer, if he is good, will make the App you have commissioned do exactly what you have asked him to do.

But it's up to the product manager, product owner, app manager, mobile manager or strategy manager to make sure it succeeds with your audience. You name it.

And if you don't have this figure in your team, you should hire the services of someone to advise you on how to create a good strategy.

Make sure that every euro invested in the development returns several hundred or thousands of euros as return on investment.

This strategy will determine whether the App will have more or fewer downloads and, therefore, whether your business will increase its sales or not.

App development and design cost

This has been the central theme of this article.

You have already seen what the price will depend on in terms of development and design.

Remember: type of App, the professional or company you order it from and the country where it resides, mainly.

And on the other hand, the more details and functionalities you want to add, the higher the final price will be.

ASO (App Store Optimisation)

Without visibility, the number of downloads of your app will remain static.

ASO is the process of improving the positioning of Apps in app stores.

The objective of ASO is to get your App to appear in the first results in Google Play and App Store searches.

It is a complex task that requires specific knowledge and that you will have to delegate if you do not have it.

To give you an idea, here is a post in which I talk about this issue: ASO efficiency hacks: my experience after helping more than 50 Apps.


Marketing is synonymous with promotion. How much does an App and its promotion cost?

Let me give you some advice.

Allocate at least the same amount of budget to marketing as to the development of the app.

For example, if you are going to create a native App and the development costs 20.000€, invest at least the same amount in its promotion.

This will allow your app to reach enough people to be known and you will be able to iterate the product as many times as necessary to retain these users by offering them what they need.


Once you have published your App, you will certainly need to perform regular updates, troubleshooting and technical tasks.

Also keep part of your budget for the maintenance of your App.

An app is not a "one shot" product, you can't just publish it and forget about it in the markets.

You must update it from time to time. At least 2 times a year and desirably every month or 2 months. It is important that you have a development team or a trusted developer to keep your app up to date. At Actualízatec we can help you with the development of your app if you need it.

Hosting and other platforms

Finally, don't forget to include the cost of hosting your application, as well as other tools you will use.

For example, to send push notifications or to measure and analyse your results, you usually use paid platforms.

When you have broken down all these costs in your budget, you will have the total price of what it will cost you to create and launch an App for your business.

So, how much does an App cost?

Now you know what are the factors that influence the price and what other aspects, besides development, you should consider to calculate how much an App costs.

That said, I would love to help you, together with my team, both in the initial strategy, to program your App and to get thousands or millions of downloads for it.

Do we know each other? Contact us and let's talk about your project.

Or, if you want to become a mobile expert and manage such projects yourself, I encourage you to train as such.

And if you want to learn all about Mobile & App Marketing, don't miss out our online program, where we train you as an App Expert so that you yourself can improve the results of your app.

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