What is an SDK?

Although it reminds us of the name of a hip hop music group, an SDK stands for Software Development Kit. Or, in other words, the same thing: software development kit.

What does this mean?

Translated into more democratic language, an SDK is the set of development tools used by programmers to create very specific applications or functionalities in each operating system.

The best known are the Android SDK and iOS SDK.

The first is a development kit developed by Google for creating applications on that operating system. The second belongs to Apple and is intended for creating applications on the iOS platform.

There are other SDKs, such as the Facebook SDK. This allows us to show their ads in our app or to track and analyse the results of these ads.

Do you want to know more? We tell you in the following video.

What is an SDK used for?

As we have seen, an SDK is nothing more than a toolbox that includes the pieces a developer needs to create an app in a specific environment.

The contents of this development kit will depend on the manufacturer, but typically the following can be found:

  • Libraries
  • Documentation
  • Examples
  • Code snippets for faster programming
  • Guides
  • Controllers
  • Editors
  • Testing or analysis tools
  • Network protocols

With all this, programmers do not start from scratch to create a mobile application, but they start from a base to carry out their work.

However, bear in mind that with each SDK used, the app gets heavier. Something that can negatively affect ASO as we tell you here [link to ASO list] , among other aspects.

It may seem a complex concept, but it is important to know and understand it, especially if you are involved in digital marketing or mobile and app marketing.

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