There are 5 main reasons why customers delete your App. The second one will surprise you.

With what it costs to generate a download and the investment you have made to attract users, every month you see how the number of uninstallations does not let up.

It frustrates you to see that after all the effort you are putting into promoting your application, there is a percentage of users who don't value it and month after month they stop using it and even delete your App. Does this happen to you and you don't know what you might be doing wrong?

Read on because below I will detail some of the most important most common mistakes, which cause users to lose interest in an App and uninstall it:

Push notifications

Are you sending too many push notifications?

Do you know if the content of these notifications is to your client's liking?

Are you creating targeting groups?

Do you schedule your campaigns by time zone so as not to annoy your customers? Have you enabled a Settings section in the App for the user to define which content is relevant to them and therefore which pushes they want to receive and which ones they don't?

If you have not asked yourself these questions before, it is very likely that your notification strategy is inadequate and is causing uninstallations.. In that case, I recommend that you first take a look at this other article: 7 rules to seduce your users with push notifications so that we can then continue with the current 🙂

2. Relevance

Do you really know what your customer's pain points are and exactly what information/help they need from you through the App?

Many companies have Apps where key information is missing, forcing users to open their desktop computer, load the desktop website and find the answer they are looking for. This detracts from the App and is directly telling users: "don't use it because it is not my main channel and I communicate the key information on the web". If you no longer prioritise the App in your company, how do you expect your customers to do so?

If relevant and key information is on your App, it will become a valued channel for users, a channel they will consider using often.

Also remember that if your business is a retail business, many of the visits you receive to your website or your App will be the prelude to a visit to your shop.. If you do not provide this experience to your potential customer so that they can research you and your products wherever they are and have a moment to do so, it will limit you from getting more sales even in your physical shop.

3. Updating the content

Your application information must be up to date. This point is closely related to the next one.

If you guarantee that your App is as up to date as your website and the rest of your communication channels, you will be telling your customers that it is a channel worth visiting. It is common to find apps with content that is completely out of date and neglected by the brand, which directly transmits to the user who has just downloaded it: "Delete it, because if you want to know what's new, you'll have to resort to another medium".

It is vital to keep the content of the App up to date.. For this you could for example use the same CMS (Content Management System) for App and web, ensuring consistency of information between both platforms and double use of resources in updating content.

4. Updating the App

At the technical level, it is advisable to publish a new version at least every 2-3 months, this way you ensure the quality of the App and the users see that for your company, the App is a key channel and that "there is someone behind it"..

Depending on the type of application and the functionalities it integrates, these updates should be much more frequent. Bear in mind that the App must be updated twice a year to ensure that it complies with the new Operating Systems released by both Apple and Android.

A very common mistake, even in large companies, is to publish the application and leave it "alone" in the marketplaces without updates for months, even without someone to respond to comments on Google Play or App Store when a user complains about a bug in the App.

5. Special treatment for having your App

Not only do you need to have the key and relevant information, but customers who have your App installed need to receive an added bonusWhy? (you'll think) If in the end, it's free, you've paid for the development and they don't pay a single euro for using it?

Yes, that's right, this is the competitive and technological market we live in today...sorry to remind you 😉.

The important thing is that the customer is dedicating a few Mb of his phone's memory to your brand, a space of his private life is for you.. That gives you advantages, right, but what's the price?

Offer her value, show her that she is important to you, that she is special. What are you giving her for it?

Think about what favourable treatment you can give to customers who have the App.

For example, applications such as Privaliahave a mobile pre-opening, which means that App users can access offers a few hours earlier than on the web. Some supermarkets offer special discounts for shopping through the App, etc.

Find something that your customer values and offer it only on the App. You will see its use go up.

And above all, keep in mind that an app must be fully in line with the rest of your communication campaigns and platforms. Everything conveys your brand image and everything, together, helps you (or not) to generate sales.

Are you already working on these 5 aspects in your App, could you add some more?

I hope these tips will be very useful 🙂

If you would like to apply them but you don't have enough time or you need help to find out the real reason for uninstallations in your App, don't hesitate and hire the consulting service. We are just a click away!

And if you want to learn all about Mobile & App Marketing, don't miss out our online program, where we train you as an App Expert so that you yourself can improve the results of your app.

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3 Comentarios

  1. Emma Agil March 26, 2018 at 4:48 pm - Reply

    Wow, very useful! there are many aspects that I had not taken into account and now I will be encouraged to review them. Thanks for the post!

  2. Eric Matias April 1, 2018 at 6:05 pm - Reply

    Honestly, I was more surprised by the first point and I experienced it myself. I wasn't aware of the importance of notifications until we started to realise that our users were uninstalling them. I'm writing you a private email because I think we can still improve a lot in this area!

    • Actualizatec April 7, 2018 at 10:27 pm - Reply

      Great Eric! I'm glad you liked the article. We'll talk privately, of course.
      Best regards!

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